Condolences for Richard “Dick” William Dixon

Ray posted on 7/26/19

My nino a Role model to me: I wasen’t going to post on here it has been to hard. Losing my father and now my nino who was a father figure to me a role model that should me so muchabout life and how to be successful. Without my Nina and nino not sure where I would of been . Againi truly blessed to have them both In My life.. me and my nino got to be around him my entire life always with them no matter if it was going to an angel game In the Angeles club house watching one of his favorite players Rod crew at the plate . Or going to dinner in Long Beach at a seafood steak house he would get mad lol but never show it because I would love my food on my plate and I can hear my Nina tell him just let him . He would just smiled . From my career him showing me how to drive truck and wanted him to be so proud . From spending time with him in the back yard doing yard work to our thanksgiving cabin trips using his big car phone in his front seat thinking I was so cool talking on the phone in his car driving up to the growing up talking about life always making sure I was ok and never told me I couldn’t do something always had place for me in his house no matter what. Until this past month I was with him talking to him making sure he was ok . I can’t believe his gone. I love u nino ur in a better place ur not hurting no more .


Haley posted on 7/23/19

Pop... I will cherish my memories with you forever. I have never and will never meet a more genuine, kind, loving, and caring man. I really loved to hear his stories, and I loved fishing with him. I have SO MANY great memories fishing with him. I loved hugging him and I loved the excitement I would hear in his voice when I gave him a call. Loved the times I spent with him in California and Texas. Loved every holiday we spent together, it was always sweeter with Pop around. One of my favorite traditions was getting a pair of pj’s from him for Christmas that matched all the other girls in the family. He always made me feel so loved. I’ll never forget you Pop and will miss you forever. Hope you and Justin are having a great time fishing in heaven.


James Croft posted on 7/22/19

Back in 2006, I heard about a book, Five People You Meet in Heaven. I never read it, but I loved the idea of this book, and I've always wondered who my five people would be when I died. From what I can recall the premise of the book was this, on your path to heaven you meet five figures who touched/influenced you in a way that maybe (in life) you didn't even realize. These five people may not have been immediate family or friends, but people who helped shape you into the person you turned out to be. My Nino is one of my five people. My wife often asks me about my childhood, and knowing about some of the challenges we faced as kids, ponders how did I turn out the way I did. Looking back, my (Nina and) Nino were two people who always helped me stay the course, and stand up to life when life got me down. From running around the pool and jumping in just before May caught you on the ankles, to staying up late and watching my first rated R movie (despite my parent's wishes) with Nino, he was a stabling force, in an uncertain time. Nino always knew he could say more to me without words than with them, and when he spoke, you always listened. Throughout my childhood and now into fatherhood, he was the example of everything I wanted to be when I grew up. My brother, sister, and I carry on the family tradition of having our kids call their Godparents, Nina & Nino. I'm fortunate to have both my brother and sister ask me to be their kids, "Nino." It's hard not to think of my Nino every time I hear their little voices and can only hope I'm half the influence on their lives as my Nino was on mine. I regret not taking the opportunity to tell him this in person. And hope he knew deep down what a special person he was in so many people's hearts. Rest in peace Nino, I will always remember you, and I can't wait to see you again on my way to heaven.


Nathan Corral posted on 7/17/19

The greatest pop and the greatest man to ever walk this earth. It’s going to be crazy not hearing your stories or hearing you say “hey buddy” every time I walked in the door, but you and all the memories I have will stay with me forever. I know you and Justin are catching the biggest of trouts out there! I love you and you will always be with me. Until next time.


Doug Ramirez posted on 7/17/19

Instead of writing about just a single event or particular memory, I would much rather share my experience of my cousin “Dick Dixon.” Ever since I was a kid I remember times where we got together on holidays, birthdays and family events. Dick was always friendly, warm and wasn’t shy in sharing his style and sense of humor. He always made those, fortunate to being around him happy filled with laughter. Love You for All The Good Times Cousin! He was a “very special person” and everyone who was “Blessed” to share in his life, including myself, will certainly miss him dearly. Someday, we will meet again! -Doug Ramirez


Steve Peterson posted on 7/16/19

Have known Dick & Ginny since high school days. Have spent many fun filled evenings playing cards or just gathering together with them. Dick was one of the good guys - always funny and always in a great mood. He loved life almost as much as he loved Ginny.


Tracy Mills posted on 7/16/19

Pop, my Justin's favorite! I was blessed with the many stories you two shared with one another. The pictures and stories said it all! From him being little, and then to an adult, standing right by your side. Pop always smiled at me and allowed me to be part of the family. I miss kissing him on his forehead and saying "hello handsome". You two fish together and do all the things you wanted together again. I love you.


Melony Mackey posted on 7/15/19

Wow! where do I start. Pappa Dick, we were always invited to the Mills family for Christmas, new years whatever party or social they had. It was then that I met Denise dad and claimed him as my own. I use to love talking to Pappa Dick just about nothing real important at times. He was a man very calm and collective in his thoughts with me at least..we joked about things that sometimes would not have been funny to others but we saw the humor and laughed in secret lol. I will really miss his conversations and genuine hugs he gave. My memory of Pappa Dick will always bring a smile to my face. All I can say is, along life's journey he made mine fun when we together celebrating whatever the occasion. I love you forever and even though you not with us in person your spirit will always be around.


Rita Hernandez posted on 7/14/19

My Unc!! Where do I start. He was the best. He loved unconditionally never turned anyone away for the faults they had. He would always find the good in everyone. The holidays are a big part of my memories with my Unc...He always made sure we all were happy and had plenty of fun. Then the camping trips every Memorial Day and Labor Day weekend from hiking to fishing playing cards and just sitting around a campfire reminiscing and s’mores. He is missed greatly by me and my family. Rest In Peace Unc!! Fly through the heavens with Justin and Grandma Elsie. You will always be in my thoughts and prayers. See you in paradise. Love you Unc!!!


David Torres posted on 7/13/19

Well where do i start, most importantly Uncle Dick meant a lot to my family and me. We will truly miss him so much. I LOVE YOU UNCLE RIP in Heaven. My greatest memories with my uncle was when we would go to his house for just about every holiday and just have conversations around the bbq grill. Ive been around the family since i was 16 years old and my uncle always made me feel welcomed. He also used to take me fishing with him and i will always cherish those memories. He used to love to fish. I wish i could of gone on more fishing trips with him You will forever be in my heart uncle. LOVE YOU


Arthur Sanchez posted on 7/13/19

Well where does a person start when it comes to Richard (Dick) ,He was a person always willing helping , had a problem Dick help you deal with it or fix it ,but most of all I remember our fishing trips one we almost froze to death for got to fix the heater in the camper. But we did a lot together well we were BROTHERS not in-laws we did pheasant hunting, skeet shooting, tennis ,he said one thing he couldn’t teach me was golf I just sucked at that couldn’t get the concepts of chasing a little ball .i remember the day I bought a new truck I got camper shell ,Dick said let’s make a carpet kit well we spent all Saterday making it ! It going to be a long road before I under stand that Dick is gone ,I miss him more than ever he’s the best brother you could ask for! Love you Priscilla and will never forget you !


Becky Torres posted on 7/13/19

My Uncle had the biggest heart any man could have! He opened his home for every holiday for many years, loved his family unconditionally and me being his niece loved me as his own! Never in 48 years did he make me feel like a burden coning to his home swimming in his backyard while he was still ar work. Giving my husband a break with a job when we were first starting off! loving my Aunt And treating her like a Queen made me set my standards of marriage so much higher than I ever imagined. Uncle The love we have for u will never end your kindness your laugh your stories are embedded in my life forever thank you for loving me ♥️I will see u again in a place called heaven bc I know your there you rose when God called your name you accepted your invitation to meet our father . I imagine you fishing along side Justin sitting on a bike laughing and Elsie sitting reunited with her son! Oh there is a place called heaven and I will see you again Uncle love you and watch over your precious family here as I know you are !! I love u always you niece, Becky♥️♥️


Ty and Donna Barron posted on 7/13/19

Dick and Ginny have been friends of ours since high school, but became much closer friends as adults. We had so many good times together playing cards and sharing laughter. Dick was always a fun and happy guy to be around. We hadn't seen him for many years, but Dick and Ginny were one of those couples that time and distance didn't diminish your love for them. They left an imprint on our hearts that will never be forgotten. Rest in peace dear friend. You will be missed by many.


Marge Gutsch posted on 7/12/19

I've known Dick and Ginny since high school. They were both in our wedding in 1966. They've remained beloved friends ever since then. Dick was always smiling. He loved life and I can still hear his contagious laugh. He loved his family more than anything and was so proud of them all. There are so many fond memories of playing cards til all hours of the night, gathering together for birthdays and many holidays and camping trips together. My kids call them Uncle Dick and Aunt Ginny. Such special memories over the years. Dick will be missed by all who knew him. My love and prayers for Ginny, the girls and the whole family. I feel blessed to have had him and them in our lives. Rest in peace dear friend.


Nancy Thomas Swift posted on 7/12/19

I last saw Dick about 3 yrs ago at Denises 50th bd celebration. He was the vest joke and storyteller I ever met. I met him in high school too and was allowed to stsnd up for Dick and Ginny at their wedding. He was a throwback of the strong men before him. He worked hard. He loved his children and grandchildren. Many stories have to do with his family and his wife Virginia. I cant imagine who wouldnt love him. To me one of the greatest friends. Ve ever had married to my best childhood friend. I will miss him and be his friend forever.